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September 02, 2015


Bob Jones, Reporter

I’m sure Susan appreciates the generous offer, Kelly!


Everyone knows the first 48 hours are critical to finding a missing blog. Therefore I propose the Minneapolis office take a 2 hour lunch to get outside form a search party. I'm willing to spend all day outside the office if it would help.

Bob Jones, Reporter

I believe “Missing Blog” flyers are in the works, TJ!

Bob Jones, Reporter

The search has only just begun, Clay! The police are doing everything they can to find out what happened.

Bob Jones, Reporter

A knitting/crafting blog, eh? I have heard that the Blog spent time on Pinterest…

Bob Jones, Reporter

The name is Bob, Bob Jones. I am the journalist reporting on the disappearance of Wednesdays with Susan. Any comments here will be responded to by me. Chris, I will pass your suspicions to the police. Although, I believe you are the Coworker in question in this case…so you’ll have plenty of time to tell the police yourself!


So sad when a blog runs away! I hope it returns soon to it's loving, caring owner!

Clay Goodman

I hope you find the culprit We would miss the Blog very much

Laura Kent

I agree with Chris, I think the blog may have set out for greener pastures, perhaps to become a crafting/knitting blog?

Chris Pardo

I don't know anything about where Susan's Blog is currently but this is a really sad day. Sometimes as a Blog grows up, they seek independence or get all emotional and simply run-away. Maybe the police should consider?

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