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September 25, 2015



Why does it has to be the mentioned suspects? What if The Blog did it to itself? Way off base? Nope, don't think so! After 8 years of "blogging" it was tired! No raise, no rest, and feeling emotionally neglected. The Blog got jealous of "Relo Tip Tuesday"…after all video is KING when it comes to viewers. So, what happened to The Blog? Right after Susan left the office on Tuesday, The Blog hurried out the back door shuffling through the park leaving behind his mouse and its loose keyboard letters. It fled as fast it could knowing that maybe Susan wanted to end their relationship due to Relo Tip Tuesday and The Blog knew as soon as "that" article went out, it would've been over forever. So, The Blog ran away hoping to find a new blogger! Case Closed!


Professor Plum, in the study, with the revolver. Shoot, think I did that wrong... OK, I'll go Susan, in the office, with the cup of coffee. Classic case of spilled java. Not wanting the embarrassment of people knowing she zapped the keyboard by clumsily spilling a cup of Joe, Susan took out her sledgehammer and smashed a few keys, making it look like a deliberate act of destruction. It threw investigators off for a spell, but they quickly got to the bottom of this case.


Oh and I have heard that the Blog Editor's favorite show right now is "How to Get Away with Murder." just sayin...


It was definitely the Blog Editor. They finally got fed up in having to correct Susan' grammar, making sense out of Susan's chicken scratch on napkins, and having to constantly wait until the last minute for the blog post! ;-)

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