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September 16, 2015


Bob Jones, Reporter

Are you sure it wasn’t a blue and yellow moving truck, Clay? We’ve heard those are full of suspicious characters.

Clay goodman

KMOVE radio has interviewed several people near the scene that dreadful day. One person , who wishes to be anonymous , said, off the air, they saw a red and blue moving truck leaving the scene

Bob Jones, Reporter

You seem to be throwing out a lot of excuses and complaints, Chris. The one thing you don’t seem to be throwing out is an alibi for the night of the kidnapping…

Chris Pardo

Like I said before, I have no idea where the stupid blog is or went but the competitor might have a point (Bwa ha ha haaaaa). Anyway, how could Susan even do a blog when she is at Dreamforce demonstrating our new groundbreaking technology solution for clients. Are my tax dollars really being spent trying to solve this case? OMG!

Bob Jones, Reporter

Interesting theory, Stephanie! Last I heard, TEDD had retired somewhere tropical, but I will tell the investigators to confirm that story.

Bob Jones, Reporter

The investigators are doing all they can to find the kidnapper, Sue! They are also growing more concerned with finding the Blog's whereabouts each day.

Stephanie Jacobson

Has anyone talked to TEDD? It might be good to find out his whereabouts for the evening.

Sue Carey

The blog followers are becoming more and more concerned. Sure hope the culprit is found and reprimanded.

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