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July 08, 2015



That’s a great way to look at it, Tracy! If you focus on the satisfaction of crossing something off your list or starting a new project with a fresh mindset, it certainly makes finishing the current task feel easier.


That’s a great point, Tim! Delegating is crucial to not only completing projects but being a leader.

Tracy S.

So very true Susan!! It has taken me a long time to train myself to restrain from buying additional books until I finish the ones on my shelf (even if they are a great deal!) or to not buy new yarn until I use up what I currently have in my stock pile.
I do find it is much more rewarding when I purchase something I need (when my current stock is out) vs. something that I want.

I can apply that to work as well.....It is so rewarding when I finish a project and get to check it off my list! or Finish the bulk of it and continue to circle back for improvements rather than having it sitting there staring at me! Sometimes you have to say "No" to new projects to complete what you have on your plate....or decide if the new project is worth putting the current down!

Thanks so much for this awesome post!

Timothy K. Moreland

Hi Susan,

A very nice article and most successful people experience the same challenge as you have written about. My cure for this is my age old proven system of a daily "to do" list and to "delegate" as much of my to do's as possible. Empower the people who work for you and then set them free to go complete the tasks. The people will be more than willing to help you and your "to do" list becomes smaller.

A lesson I learned over many years.

Tim Moreland
Financial Dimensions Inc
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Mortgage Originations and Mortgage Servicing

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