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March 12, 2014



It's funny how everyone shares the fear of separation, but yet we can't even talk to someone who shares an elevator ride with us. And nobody wants to get "stuck with" sitting next to that person on the plane who talks to you. Our fear of being rejected or "failing to connect" overpowers our desire to reach out and MAKE connections.

I also really love this explanation of ego-death: "...any mechanism...that threatens the loss of integrity of the Self". Notice how the word self is capitalized. What is the Self? Isn't it just the IDEA that we have about ourselves, our image in our head. Ideas are pretty flexible and fluid, and are able to adapt and change if you let them. This particular fear is the underlying factor when people are resistant to change, and unfortunately this can impede growth significantly.

I could go on and on about these concepts so I'll stop here before my ideas run away from me! Thank you so much for sharing, Susan.

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